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Under Investigation?

Under Investigation?


If the Government is Investigating you for Criminal Charges

If you are or think you possibly could be under investigation for any criminal offense, you need to hire an attorney immediately. There are certain steps that we can take with me allow you to avoid being charged with a crime at all. Many people could avoid being charged with a crime if they talked to a lawyer before they made common mistakes. When people try to handle the matter by themselves they often make costly mistakes that could be avoided if the retained counsel. And when people ignore their instincts about being suspected they are often shocked when the government comes crashing down.

The best criminal defense attorneys in Arizona can help you if you think you may be under investigation. Contact the criminal attorneys at Shell & Nermyr and be prepared for what could happen. Sex crimes, drug crimes, white collar crimes, and theft crimes often take months if not years for the police to properly investigate. If you think you may be under investigation you probably are. What often occurs is the government takes many months to put their case together and when they are ready to go forward they make an arrest. Once a person is arrested the court imposes several deadlines including a trial date. Thus the defendant has a limited amount of time to investigate his or her side of the case. Do not wait until you are contacted by police or worse arrested to start preparing your defense. After a person is arrested, oftentimes a bond is set, and it is much more difficult to prepare a defense when you are not out in the community. Do not wait to contact the best criminal defense attorneys in Arizona at 480-775-4800 or 602-745-1211.

Many people believe that the criminal justice system is unfair to the poor, this is a misconception. The only difference between the poor and the wealthier is the wealthier retain an attorney earlier in the process than the poor. The criminal defense attorneys at Shell & Nermyr provide payment plans for people that think they cannot afford the best criminal defense attorneys. The earlier a person contacts our office the longer the payment plan can be and thus the smaller the monthly payments. At Shell & Nermyr we often represent people that are either being investigated by the government or think they may be investigated by the government. Many times we are able to avoid criminal charges altogether. Avoiding criminal charges altogether is the best possible outcome. When we are able to convince the police or prosecutors to not go forward, we are able to prevent our client from having an arrest record. Another advantage to hiring an attorney if you think you’re being investigated is that we can oftentimes minimize the number of charges the government brings forward.

The criminal attorneys at Shell & Nermyr have over 35 years of criminal defense experience. We know how the police think we know how they work and we know all of their tricks. The criminal defense attorneys at Shell and Nermyr can help a person navigate their way through the police tactics to avoid being charged with any criminal offense.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Shell & Nermyr have the reputation that will help a person avoid charges. We know most of the detectives and prosecutors and when a person hires an attorney from Shell & Nermyr the police and prosecutors know that they are in for a fight.

Every criminal case is unique but most police investigations are not unique. When the police receive a complaint of a citizen, a confidential informant, or another police officer they take certain steps. Generally the first step is for officer to contact witnesses and victims to get their statement. That officer will then send his report to a detective for follow-up investigation. The detective will then go back and talk to the more important witnesses and victims to get more details. The detective will then take different steps in order to build a case against a person. It is at this point that having the best criminal defense attorney you can on your side will make all the difference. The attorneys at Shell & Nermyr are in handling cases any pre-charged manner.

How long can I be under investigation?

The government has one year to bring misdemeanor charges against a person but the government has seven years to bring a felony charge. However, if the government is unable to build a case within the first 1 to 2 years they generally are unable to file criminal charges. The criminal defense attorneys at Shell & Nermyr are very successful at avoiding charges.

What happens if I am charged with a criminal charge?

Shell & Nermyr will then vigorously represent the client in court. If the police are able to build a case against the client often times we can arrange it so that the client does not have to go to jail but rather can just appear in court before judge. If the charge requires that the client gets booked into jail we will be at the very first court date trying to get our client released on his own recognizance or on a low bond. If our client needs a bondsman is we can introduce the client to an honest and fair they’ll bondsman. The first court date is called and Initial Appearance: at the initial appearance the judge tells the defendant what they are charged with and then the judge determines “release conditions”. The judge has several options when determining a person’s release conditions:

  • Own Recognizance or “O.R.” – this is simply releasing a person on their promise to appear for all future court dates.
  • Pretrial Service – this is releasing a person to the supervision of pretrial service which is similar to being placed on probation and can include drug and alcohol monitoring.
  • Bond – for more serious cases the court requires a person to pay a bond in order to be let out of jail. There are two types of on:
    • Cash Bond – with the cash bond a person must post the entire bond with the court in cash. At the end of the case the money is returned.
    • Secured Appearance Bond – with this kind of on a person can use a bondsman. A bondsman generally charges 10% of the bond for his feet and requires the remaining 90% in collateral. At the end of the case the collateral is returned but the 10% is not.

It is very important to have an attorney at the Initial Appearance in order to get the least restrictive release conditions. The criminal defense attorneys at Shell & Nermyr appear with their clients at the initial appearance and are usually able to get the client released from jail on their own recognizance. The criminal defense attorneys at Shell & Nermyr will appear with their clients at any time of the day or night.

If you believe that you or someone you know is under investigation for a criminal charge do not wait to hire an attorney. Call the attorneys at Shell & Nermyr immediately so that we can stand between you and the government. We receive so many calls from people when it is too late. We get calls from people after they have been convicted or family member has been convicted and they want us to try to undo what has been done. While people do have the right to post conviction relief it is very difficult to undo the damage. That is why it is so important to hire an attorney as soon as you can. The best situation is to hire an attorney when you have any idea you might be under investigation. The next best situation is to hire an attorney immediately upon police contact. But it is never too late to hire an attorney; the only issue is the longer you wait the more difficult it is to get a favorable resolution. So do not hesitate to contact the best criminal defense attorney in Arizona by calling 480-775-4800 or 602-745-1211 and talk to either Chad shall or Mark Nermyr now.


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