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Available 24/7 | Weekend Appointments Available
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The law firm of Shell & Nermyr has been representing people charged with crimes and DUI since 1999. Many criminal defense law firms depend on advertising on T.V. and in the phonebooks to gain clients but the law firm of Shell & Nermyr depends on client referrals. Chad Shell and Mark Nermyr have dedicated their professional careers to defending people from the government. Neither Chad nor Mark has ever prosecuted a person. Chad and Mark take pride in the fact that they have never been on the same team as the police or the government because both they have an inane mistrust of the government. Chad and Mark have been providing honest and personal representation for people charged with felonies, misdemeanors, and DUIs all across Arizona for over a decade.

Below is just a sample of some of the reviews Shell & Nermyr receives on a daily basis. Please take a few moments to read some of the reviews.

Just a short note to again express my heartfelt appreciation for your tireless efforts on Britney’s behalf. Without minimizing her hard work and miraculous recovery I know without your very personal effort she would not have reached this result. Thank you so very much!

David B. For Britney B.

You truly have caught me speechless for what you did for me. In a world like this people like you just don’t exist. Many thanks again.

Salize Y.

You’re someone that does so much, so often, so willingly. Thank you for all your help on my case. God Bless You.

Deborah M.

May the peace and blessing of God descend upon you and remain with you forever. Thanks for helping me out – when I needed it most

Ron M. & Family

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for my family. I cannot believe we have had to use your expertise as often as we have but I am grateful that you are always there for us. You never turn us away no matter how minor our predicament. Thanks for being there.

Yvette C.

I cannot believe the miracle you pulled off. None of my cellmates thought I had a chance of getting out. You never gave up hope and you fought your hardest for me and I will never forget it.

Jeff G.

Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate you keeping my case out of the press.

Trevor G.

You are amazing! I cannot believe you were able to get J’s case dismissed. I thought he was going to prison for 20 years. No other attorney we met with told us about that letter. Great job!

Melissa L.

I can’t believe you got me back on probation. The court said he was going to give me prison but you convinced him to give me another chance. I won’t let you down.

Roger S.

How did you get my case dismissed?. You the man!

Rafi T.

Thank you so much! I still can’t believe I had to go through this. I have never done anything wrong in my life. I was so scared that I was going to go to jail. At my age I don’t think I would have been able to handle it. When I heard you talking to the prosecutor I knew you cared about me. When he dismissed all the charges I thought I was going to faint. I will never forget you.

Carol A.

I don’t know what to do. I am so scared of going to jail or prison. It feels so good having you on my side. I have no doubt that your plan is going to work because you explained everything so clearly.


Knowing that I could trust my lawyer meant everything to me. At no time did I ever feel that we were the underdogs. Like we talked about, taking the position of power is the best strategy and you did it perfectly. Thanks for everything Mark.

Ramon E.

I am going to refer everybody I know to you. You know my friends get in trouble a lot, HaHa. But you really are the best. I could not believe it when you answered my stupid text messages on the weekend.

Rachel E.

Thank you! I am so glad that we discussed immigration issues before resolving my case. Because of you I get to see my son grow up.

Ricardo G.

If it weren’t for you I would have gone to prison like everybody else. My mom wanted me to tell you ‘God bless you’. Thanks for fighting so hard.

Duante M.

I can live with a misdemeanor. As you know I was charged with aggravated assault and was looking at 5-15 years. Mark took my case, allowed me to make payments, and convinced a jury that I was only guilty of a misdemeanor. Mark is the best criminal defense attorney in Arizona.

Christian M.

You are some of the best people I have ever met. I had no idea there are still people like you in this world. You guys took N’s case for a reasonable fee. You worked N’s case for almost two years and never gave up. All the time the prosecutor wanted to send my poor little N to prison. You knew that was wrong and you fought for him. Tasha and I do not know how to express our gratitude. You saved N’s life. How could we ever thank you for something like that?

Richard and Tanya H. For Nathan Z.

I honestly don’t know what myself or my family would do without you. The first time I met you I knew I can put my life in your hands, you were not about money you were there to really help me and my family because you as a person have a heart. Mark and Chad are the best, they are always available no matter what time we call and even on the weekends. They have helped my family with felonies, misdemeanors, and DUIs and have always done excellent work. I will refer anybody that needs a criminal defense lawyer to Mark and Chad. Thank you for everything.

Melissa L.

I want to thank Mark Nermyr for representing me in my case. He went above and beyond the call and would highly recommend his services. Not only did he provide excellent representation, but even was willing to work with me on payment arrangements. Having him as an attorney was a lifesaver. Thanks again Mark.

Chris M.

Mr. Nermyr is an excellent attorney, he is and has always been there for my family. I highly recommend him; he works extremely hard for his clients. Mr. Nermyr will appear in court day or night, just so his client is protected. He appeared in court with my son at 2:00am because he wanted to make sure the judge knew that my son was going to fight for his freedom. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. He’s the best criminal defense attorney in Arizona.

Joseph L

Mark was recommended to me by one of my doctors. My daughter had a felony charge and a domestic violence charge that Mark represented her on. When I called Mark he set up an appointment with me. Mark was very understanding and listened to me. The fees for the charges were much more reasonable; more reasonable than most of the others. I explained to Mark that I did not want anybody else in court with me and my daughter and he upheld that request. When we went to court Mark was always the one with us .Mark was very at tentative to are needs .He also got the felony reduced and the domestic case thrown out .Mark is an outstanding lawyer and very compassionate person

Dana K.

Dear Mark, I want to thank you again for handling William’s case. I know you told Will he could just use a public defender but we feel more comfortable hiring someone like you who is so deeply caring. I really appreciated the times when I needed answers quickly to ease my mind and you responded so quickly. You not only know criminal law but also the psychology of how to put a person in a comfortable state. We are happy with the outcome of this case and if we should need your expertise in the future, be assured that you will be called upon. But… I hope we are never gonna need you again

Bev & Will

Ive used Arizona’s Trial Attorneys on two separate occasions and both times they achieved optimal results. Mark took the time to explain the whole legal process. Everything that he said he would be able to do he did. I’ve used other lawyers in the past, and all they did was make grand promises they couldn’t keep all the while always asking for more money to do so. Your freedom is priceless I put my full confidence, and my freedom in Mark Nermyr and wouldn’t think twice about having him represent myself or my family in the future. Good lawyers are hard to find I was fortunate enough to have found this firm.

Travis H.

Mark, I was very afraid when I found out I had been charged with two probation violations. I was in California on interstate compact and a warrant was issued for my arrest. Mark arranged to get my bail paid in Arizona so I did not even have to see a judge (yes he got me bail on a violation hearing). Every circumstance of the case was stacked against us, but Mark kept me very informed and fought like I was his best friend. I was impressed by Mark’s knowledge of law, professional ethics, and the understanding of how much harder an attorney needs to fight to overcome the unfair power held by prosecutors. Mark won my case, all charges were dismissed, and my bail was returned in full. I am very grateful for Mark and his work. Thanks Mark.

Michael R.

I would highly recommend Mark Nermyr to anyone in need of an attorney. Mark is extremely knowledgeable in the field of law and knows how to deal with complex issues that can arise in a courtroom setting. In the courtroom, Mark seems very comfortable and well respected by his peers. Mark is very meticulous and detail oriented and completes all paperwork, completely and accurately leaving little room for other attorneys to dispute. I have used Mark several times in the past, and have always had an excellent outcome.

Robert W.