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Domestic Violence (Misdemeanor)

An escalated argument with a spouse or family member can quickly lead to the police being called. Once the police are called, it is very likely that someone will be arrested and charges filed. As many discover, once the police are called, the power of the government takes over and the life of an innocent defendant, and that of their family and friends can be damaged forever. The government does not care what the argument or incident was about, it does not care that families and friends are attempting to reconcile, and it does not care if an innocent persons life is ruined. Once the police are called, the government is thirsty for a conviction. The domestic violence lawyers at Shell & Nermyr will do everything in their power to advocate for your rights and protect you from the overreaching arm of the government. Often times in domestic violence (DV) assault cases there are two goals: one is to get the assault charges dismissed; and two is the preservation of your family. Contact our aggressive criminal defense lawyers for experienced representation in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale, Gilbert, Peoria, Avondale and all surrounding communities.

What is Domestic Violence?

Many people believe that a physical assault, such as hitting, must occur for domestic violence charges to be filed. This is not true. In Arizona, many actions can be designated domestic violence, such as:

Assault: Intentionally causing injury, recklessly causing injury, or touching with intent to cause injury. Disorderly conduct: Disturbing the peace of your neighborhood or disturbing the peace of a person. Criminal damage: Simply damaging something that has any value, Arizona is a community property state therefore if a person punches a wall in their own home they can be charged with criminal damage because the law says half of everything belongs to the spouse. Violating protective orders: Violating a restraining order or a order of protection contacting, calling, e-mailing, texting or making other prohibited contact before the order of protection or restraining order expires. Minimizing the Impact of Domestic Violence Allegations

The criminal defense lawyers at Shell & Nermyr help you understand the charges against you and how to move forward but more importantly we help you beat the charges. Once you have been arrested for domestic violence, a judge will determine your immediate future. Will you be able to return home? Will there be a bond? Will there be a protective order? The criminal defense attorneys at Shell & Nermyr can work with you to strengthen your position at early stages and improve your chances for a successful outcome.

Once convicted of domestic violence offense your ability to enjoy many freedoms could be substantially altered, such as your right to possess a firearm or ammunition for hunting or home protection. Persons convicted of domestic violence offenses can even lose their employment or find that it is incredibly difficult to find employment. It is crucial that you immediately retain a criminal attorney that is experienced in defending against domestic violence charges.

If you have been charged with, or expect to be charged with, a domestic violence offense, you need to contact us immediately for a free consultation. Crucial evidence needs to be collected and important steps need to be taken to defend your rights. The assault lawyers and domestic violence attorneys at Shell & Nermyr have been able to get hundreds of DV assault cases dismissed and have received just as many not guilty verdicts in domestic violence assault cases. You can e-mail any of the partners directly and confidentially .


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